Chico Slimani (Block Fit)

Interview with Chico Slimani about his new group fitness concept Blockfit, by The Health Carpenter.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

chicoMy real name is Yousseph Slimani. I was Born in Wales & raised in Morocco by my grandparents, so you may say I am Welsh by birth, Moroccan by Heritage & British by citizenship

I am a husband to a wonderful wife & a father to two beautiful children.

Professionally, I am a singer song-writer & an entertainer. I turn my head to wherever my passion & opportunity take me. From skating on ‘Dancing on Ice’, to acting & performing in Theatres, to now becoming a fully qualified YMCA ETM instructor & launching my fitness brand “BLOCK FIT” at IFS.

2. What made you get into Dance/Fitness?

You could say I was a walking advert for health & fitness, as I spent my whole life in some form of training or another, from Martial Arts to natural bodybuilding. I used to always give free advice to anyone who would listen, from nutrition to training tips so it seemed like a natural progression to go into it & do it on a bigger scale.

I was always inspired by the greats of this world, from the spiritual masters of the world to the likes of Gandhi, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali & Bruce Lee, those who transcended colour, creed & racial barriers, and made people see a different point of view.

As a matter of fact “Block Fit” was inspired by Bruce Lee because he took the best of all different martial arts styles into one “Jeet kun do” so I did the same, I put what I believe to be a complete workout system which is dance, combat, HIIT, & yoga meditation.

So I inspire to take a drop of their oceans & hopefully share this gift of health & fitness with the world

3. If you were not a Dance/Fitness Instructor, what would you have been?

My whole life has been built on changing people’s lives, whether mentally physically or spiritually. Hence me starting my own charity – We give 100% of the money away & we reached around 25,000 children around the world in 8 years, so if it wasn’t the health industry it would still be something that elevates humanity to becomes the best that they can be to fulfill that hidden treasure & awaken that sleeping giant that’s within.

4. Can you give our readers your favourite top health/fitness tip?

Eat clean, stay lean

believe in the limitless potential you have in all 3 facets of the human being… Mental, physical, spiritual.
Use the PMA (positive mental attitude) philosophy and achieve your dream. Once you’ve done that, share it for others to a achieve theirs.


5. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Love, live, give & forgive.
For life is but a fleeting glance laugh & dance it’s music
until you become the dance.

Oh I just wanna say a massive thank you to to my mentor the legend that is Mr Richard Callender & my “Block Fit” family: Joanne Cooper, Lisa Cuerden & Chrissy Cooper. I would also like to extend my love & respect to Ceri & Lydia Hannan, Steve & all at the IFS festival.

And to all the fit pros who inspire & lift people to go higher #totalrespect

We will be on a UK tour to do master classes and will be looking for fit pros to join us and become a part of the “Block Fit” family

Please go to to register & keep up with BF news & up & coming tour dates

See you all soon

Love & light

Your forever well Wishee

Chico 🙂 x

Mel Carpenter

I’m Mel C aka The Health Carpenter – I have over 25 years teaching experience in the Dance, Fitness and Martial Arts Industry. I run a successful Dance and Fitness business and I also coach/mentor several Dance & Fitness Instructors, both online and Face-to-Face. I am a normal person just like you – I’ve faced my own weight loss demons and have battled just like you with cravings and lack of enthusiasm. I have two children so I know what its like to have a completely different body shape and feel frustrated! But I’ve also lost that weight, twice and have helped many others to do the same! You’ll see the kinds of things I do through this blog and I’ll also be providing tips on various things such as exercise, recipes, the right kind of attire to wear at class, the topics are endless! You can also ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!

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