Kirit Thakore (Stretch n Stamina, BhangraSASise)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

kirit thakoreMy name is Kirit Thakore and I’m the founder of bhangraSASise. This is a blend of the famous Indian dance bhangra and fused with cardio exercises to create an amazing powerful fun routine which strips calories. In fact if you don’t like exercise than this is for you and if you love exercise then this is for you. I’ve been in the field for over 20 years and specialise in body transformation mainly through my Change My Shape Program. I am a sponsored athlete with LA Muscle.

2. What made you get into Fitness?

Having always been interested in sports from my late teens, I only really realised how much I enjoyed it when my martial arts teacher asked me to take over a class in my younger days. The positive feedback from the people I was teaching really made me feel fantastic. As I progressed and started teaching professionally I started to see the positive effects of exercise on my clients. There is no better feeling than feeling than to take a a person beyond their comfort zone and to see the big smile when they realise that this is where the magic lies.

3. If you were not a Fitness Instructor/Martialist (feel free to change), what would you have been?

If I was not a fitness instructor then anything in the field of inspiring people would have been on the cards. I enjoy public speaking and also a very spiritual person so maybe a blend of those. Then again I love the movies and also enjoy different foods and being a great believer of chasing my passions I’m sure I would have ventured in those directions. Maybe a writer or a chef.

4. Can you give our readers your favourite top health/fitness tip?

The best tips I would give is to first of all get involved in something that you enjoy. But give it a little time, as you get better you will enjoy it more, and the more you enjoy it the better you will become and so it continues. Also research on how important weight training is and don’t do too much cardio as the effects can be negative. Remember also that your toned stomach might be built in the gym but revealed in the kitchen, meaning that your diet is as important as your exercise if you want to look better. For example, if you workout for an hour you will be using up your carbohydrate stores for energy. If you then feed your body carbohydrates straight after, this could be a piece of fruit, a sweet drink, rice, pasta, bread etc then you will just replace the carbs you have used during exercise, resulting in your heart and lungs getting stronger. If you want to strip body fat then try not to eat any carbs for a couple of hours which will then force your body to use to break down body fat and use that for energy. (this does not apply if you are lifting heavy weights and looking to bulk up)

5. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I hold my bhangraSASise classes in Birmingham and Leicester. Come and join in, I promise it will be so much fun. You can find out more and see video clips at If you would like to find out about my body transformation site please visit My general fitness site is

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I’m Mel C aka The Health Carpenter – I have over 25 years teaching experience in the Dance, Fitness and Martial Arts Industry. I run a successful Dance and Fitness business and I also coach/mentor several Dance & Fitness Instructors, both online and Face-to-Face. I am a normal person just like you – I’ve faced my own weight loss demons and have battled just like you with cravings and lack of enthusiasm. I have two children so I know what its like to have a completely different body shape and feel frustrated! But I’ve also lost that weight, twice and have helped many others to do the same! You’ll see the kinds of things I do through this blog and I’ll also be providing tips on various things such as exercise, recipes, the right kind of attire to wear at class, the topics are endless! You can also ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!

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