Bio Synergy – Product Review 1

A few weeks ago, Yasmine Brown from PT Magazine asked if I would be interested in reviewing some fitness products on behalf of Bio Synergy, a company specialising in Health and Fitness Supplements. I jumped at the chance, as a blogger, this was an avenue I had not explored within fitness before so I was very excited!
Bio Synergy provide a broad range of health and fitness supplements, probably the most comprehensive that i’ve seen – check out their website:
Yasmine introduced me to Neil Fidler, Bio Synergys Marketing Executive via email and we discussed what products they supplied. Bio Synergy have been trading since 1997 and they have come a long way since then! Read Neils interview here: 60 Second Snippets with Neil Fidler to find out more!
It was difficult to choose at first as there was so much choice! I settled on four products and chose the following as they were ideal for the areas I felt needed my immediate attention:
  • Bio Synergy Hoodie
  • Bio Synergy Shaker
  • Active Woman Pre Workout Shake (Chocolate)
  • Joint Formula Capsules
Active Woman Pre Workout Shake (Chocolate) & Multi Shaker
I’ve had protein and recovery shakes before and they usually taste quite synthetic, now I’m not about to tell you that this tastes just like chocolate but it is actually quite pleasant to drink and it works, fast!
The Active Woman range (as you can probably guess from the name 😉 is the UKs first Sports Nutrition range dedicated to women. I’ve been using it for just over a week now and I quite honestly do not know how I functioned before! I’m a busy mom of two and I don’t always get to eat properly before I work out.
As you can guess, this usually leaves me feeling quite sluggish and not able to give my all when working out. Well i didn’t have to worry about that as this product enables me to workout without feeling hungry or lethargic!
I can work out for an hour with my PT Cy and feel perfectly fine (well that’s a bit of a lie actually as I’m always shattered after my training sessions but that’s down to Cy)! Have a look at the full description and check out the range here:
I was sent a nice Bio Synergy Super Multi Shaker to use, it has a separate compartment inside which you can store a serving of the Pre Workout Shake and a handy tablet compartment too. Perfect for someone like me who carries everything but the kitchen sink in every bag i own and can never find anything! Heres the link to the Shaker, it comes in Black or Pink:
See you soon for Part 2!

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