I Don’t Even Drink Coffee?!


Earlier on this year, a friend gave me a couple of sachets of this ‘amazing coffee’, I wasn’t too fussed as I’m more of a tea drinker but I thought, I’ll try it as he raved on about it so much!

The sachets were from a brand called Organo Gold and they were described as Gourmet Coffee. Now as I said before, I don’t really do coffee but I do have the occasional latte if I’m out and about!

The sachets I was given were Latte (whoop), Mocha and Black Coffee (I gave the coffee to hubby as he drinks tons of the stuff) – I tried the latte and was pleasantly surprised at the texture and the taste as it came from a sachet! I liked it very much and hubby was impressed with the coffee too.

Fast forward five months and a FB friend/acquaintance, Josh Mullin shares a picture on Facebook of some coffee sachets he’d received from a friend and lo and behold, it was the Organo range!

A guy called Bradley Marchant had sent the sachets to Josh and was tagged in the picture, I commented below saying id tried it and liked it. Bradley contacted me to say he’d seen my post and we had a chat, I explained that I was a Health and Fitness Blogger and Bradley very kindly sent through some sachets for me to review.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised at the consistency and texture of the drinks; Bradley also included some different tea sachets that were also very nice! I’ve since seen testimonials from people that have experienced health benefits as a result of drinking Organo products, predominantly people with skin disorders such as eczema. I can’t comment really as fortunately I do not suffer from any of those disorders but I do know that the products taste great and if it aids people with their ailments then that can only be an added benefit!

The products are more expensive than a jar of Nescafe (obviously) but much less than the price you would pay for a latte or a coffee from one of the big coffee houses!

If you like a decent cup of Joe and enjoy it even more in the comfort of your own home, then the products are definitely worth checking out!


Mel Carpenter

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