I Love To Teach

I Love to Teach!

That probably seems like I’m stating the obvious as teaching is my job but how many people can actually say ‘I Love My Job’ and mean it?

I count myself very lucky, teaching allows me to stay at home and care for my two children, something I know a lot of parents would love to be able to do. Please do not think for one second that I am coasting, I work very hard to sustain and grow my business! I have a large teaching team who I love and they support me fully and I them, I’m known as the Teachers Teacher in many circles!

I started teaching when I was 15 years old, Martial Arts was my first love and I was good at it! I used to assist my Sensei in class and I also provided cover when he needed me to. This is obviously where my love of teaching began, as I was so passionate about Martial Arts.

I discovered Salsa in my early twenties, my big sister worked at a Mexican restaurant, dragged me along to a Latin American festival one day and I caught the bug! I began teaching Salsa a year after I started dancing – my teacher saw that I had potential and pushed me forward when an opportunity for cover arose.

I travelled the world, first teaching, then performing and doing choreography. I couldn’t get enough! I wanted to learn so I could pass that knowledge onto others and I’m proud to say that a lot of the salsa teachers out there today were once students of mine!

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Fast-forward to 2009 and I discovered Zumba via two students of mine (Sally and Dave) who attended my Reggaeton Classes. It made perfect sense for me to teach Zumba as my background was so heavily influenced by Latin Dance. I qualified in October 2009 and was the first to bring Zumba to my area. Little did I know that this was to be the start of my Fitness journey!

I discovered Bokwa in 2012 via another friend (Simon) and I fell in love. Bokwa is one of my favourite things to teach as I really love to dance and I love to jam with my students! Paul Mavi (creator of Bokwa) and his lovely lady Kim encouraged me to push myself with my fitness development so I took my ETM and became a qualified Fitness Instructor in June 2013.

Teaching makes me feel alive, yes it’s a complete cliché I know but I can honestly say that this is what I feel I was meant to do! I teach my students, my team, my children and I love it! I will continue to teach for as long as is humanly possibly in some way shape or form.

I am embarking on a new teaching adventure with my business mentor Nicky Lloyd Greame (click here to read her interview), we will be teaching several courses to help business, whether they be big or small and I will be specialising in the dance and fitness side of things. This is something else that I am very excited about and I hope that you will enjoy reading about it!

Mel Carpenter

I’m Mel C aka The Health Carpenter – I have over 25 years teaching experience in the Dance, Fitness and Martial Arts Industry. I run a successful Dance and Fitness business and I also coach/mentor several Dance & Fitness Instructors, both online and Face-to-Face. I am a normal person just like you – I’ve faced my own weight loss demons and have battled just like you with cravings and lack of enthusiasm. I have two children so I know what its like to have a completely different body shape and feel frustrated! But I’ve also lost that weight, twice and have helped many others to do the same! You’ll see the kinds of things I do through this blog and I’ll also be providing tips on various things such as exercise, recipes, the right kind of attire to wear at class, the topics are endless! You can also ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it for you! www.cardiocentral.co.uk

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