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Most of you know that I’m big on investing in my business, whether that be doing a course, buying a new piece of equipment or even buying a book, if you want to be successful, you have to speculate to accumulate!

I joined Yvonne Radleys Media school last summer as part of my investment in me! I wanted to gain more exposure and Yvonne is prolific amongst Fit Pros as the one to go to if you want to get into the press!

Media exposure is phenomenal to your business, especially when you are your brand! I have had great success since working with Yvonne, I’ve been in high profile publications more than once and I have my own fitness column for my local newspaper, so when Yvonne announces that she’s putting any kind of event on and I’m free, I’m there!

Last year Yvonne invited a group of people to attend a Mastermind event free of charge, it was first come first serve and I made sure I got onto that list!

The idea of the event was to get a group of likeminded individuals into a room, give each of them 25 minutes to discuss a problem they were experiencing in their business and gain the insights of others, hopefully finding a solution to their problem at the end.


I’ve not long got back from the event and I have to say it was pretty mind blowing! I got to meet some of my peers from the Fitness world, network with people I’d not met before and contribute some of my knowledge to other people’s problems, it was epic!

I gleaned some really valuable information during the day and when it was time to present my problem to the group, I got some fantastic feedback and felt reassured that my idea was not only viable, it was a bloody good one!

Me with Donna Noble - Creator of Curvesome Yoga

I travelled home on a cramped train but I didn’t care, I had had a great day and am now one step closer to achieving a goal that has been dangling in front of me like the proverbial carrot, just out of reach! I would whole-heartedly recommend any of Yvonne’s events, this lady is an all rounder, incredibly knowledgeable and a savvy businesswoman!

Check her out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, join one her groups, you won’t be sorry!

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