Exercise, Movement & Dance Ambassador!

Mel C – Exercise, Movement and Dance Ambassador!

EMD Ambassador BLACK[6]

Just when i thought things truly couldn’t get any better!

As you may be aware, I was recently made Fit Pros Summer Hero Instructor, which is a huge honour!

Here’s the link to the article if you haven’t seen it yet: http://thehealthcarpenter.co.uk/the-blog/fit-pro-magazines-hero-instructor/

Naturally I took to Social Media to share my good news with everyone and I caught the eye of Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP for short!) Communication Manager, Emily Williams.

Hero Summer 2016[4]

Now for those of you who are not aware, The Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP) is the National Governing Body and Umbrella Organisation for Exercise, Movement and Dance (EMD) in the UK.

EMDP work in harmony with affiliates and partners to get more people enjoying EMD and to increase the amount of quality teachers delivering EMD.

I was interviewed last year for the Bursary Scheme that they run, check out my article for more information: http://thehealthcarpenter.co.uk/the-blog/exercise-music-dance/

Testimonial for EMD

Instructors can apply for funding to help with the costs of certain courses/training providers that the EMD are associated with. I applied and received funding towards my Children’s Level 2 Fitness qualification last year, woo hoo!

As you know, enhancing your skills in any industry can be quite an expensive process, so i was really grateful for the financial support, and pleasantly surprised at how easy the application was!

Emily contacted me on Twitter after seeing my article in Fit Pro, and over email it transpired that she was more than aware of my involvement in the dance and fitness industry!

She thought I would make a fabulous Ambassador (her words, honest!), her email was even titled ‘We’d love to have you as an Exercise Move & Dance Ambassador ’!

I was absolutely stunned (for the 3rd time in a week!) and told her that I would be honoured to represent an organisation that is doing so much for the industry!

The future is looking full of fantastic opportunities right now and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me!

Mel Carpenter

I’m Mel C aka The Health Carpenter – I have over 25 years teaching experience in the Dance, Fitness and Martial Arts Industry. I run a successful Dance and Fitness business and I also coach/mentor several Dance & Fitness Instructors, both online and Face-to-Face. I am a normal person just like you – I’ve faced my own weight loss demons and have battled just like you with cravings and lack of enthusiasm. I have two children so I know what its like to have a completely different body shape and feel frustrated! But I’ve also lost that weight, twice and have helped many others to do the same! You’ll see the kinds of things I do through this blog and I’ll also be providing tips on various things such as exercise, recipes, the right kind of attire to wear at class, the topics are endless! You can also ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it for you! www.cardiocentral.co.uk

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