The Pudding Run!

A few months ago, for some bizarre reason, i thought it would be a good idea to start running!

Aggy and Lisa, two of my students had started running regularly (Aggy is a seasoned runner) and after Aggy and i had done the Wolf Run, we decided to create the Cardio Central Cougars, a running club open to everyone, fully inclusive with a heavy emphasis on supporting all abilities!

I convinced Aggy to sign up to become a running coach (she’s attending her training in a couple of weeks) and we decided to start informal training sessions and invite everyone along. After a couple of weeks, Aggy decided that we should all enter a race (!?!?!) called the Pudding Run. There was a choice of two distances, 5 miles and 10 miles, crazily i agreed to sign up for 10 miles with hardly any experience and not a great deal of time to train for it!

Clare B, Emma B, Lisa, Nemma, Adam and Aggy were all signed up too and the date of the race came around all too soon! I had a bit of a niggly knee due to an epic run a few weeks before and as i had classes, i had no time to rest it but i thought id be ok.

Cardio Central Cougars at The Pudding Run!

We started the race and i got to about Mile 4 and i knew something was up, my knee started to ache and then it started to hurt! I got to Mile 5 (the course was two laps) and as much as i would’ve liked to have stopped, i carried on to the second lap. I ended up hobbling for pretty much the rest of the course and a marshall caught up with me in her car and offered to take me to the finish line as she could see i was in pain. Me being me, refused and so she followed me for the rest of the course (apart from the last 1/2 mile).

It was raining i was soaked and in pain but i talked myself all the way round the rest of the route where i was met by my cougars about 1/4 mile from the finish! I hopped over the end of that finish line and into the arms of the marshall who had been following me in the car (she’d driven ahead and was waiting for me)!

I’ve never been so glad to stop walking in all my life and the awesome Aggy bought me a sandwich and a hot chocolate afterwards, result!

The organisers were so impressed by my determination aka insaneness, that they posted a clip of me hobbling over the finish line and i made their ‘Hall of Fame’ along with the fastest runners/winners, lol!

Check out the link to see the pictures:

So now my students know how stubborn their trainer is and although i finished last, i seem to have inspired a hell of a lot of people!

I ran for the first time today since the race, i had supports on each knee and i took it very easy. I will be following a dedicated training plan and will be doing exercises to strengthen my knees. I really enjoy running and i don’t want an injury to stop me from doing something that i enjoy!

You do need to be careful when taking part in any kind of new activity and you need to rest properly when you have an injury! I spend a lot of my time giving support and advice to people and i forget to take my own advice a lot of the time!

I’m looking forward to entering that race again in 2016 and i know i’ll be better trained and i won’t be coming last this time!

Mel Carpenter

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