The Wolf Run – Overcoming my fears!


For those of you that do not know, I have a couple of phobias – The first one is getting dirty, I cannot stand it! I have wet wipes strategically placed around my house (I have two small children so it helps that I have shares in Johnsons) so I am prepared should anything happen!

The second one is a bit more serious – I am claustrophobic. This is a real pain in the ass as it stops me from doing things with my kids like going on tunnel slides etc. I decided the only way I was going to be able to overcome these fears was to face them head on so I entered The Wolf Run!

The Wolf Run is an extreme obstacle course/race that is held 4 times a year. It was created by Charlie Moreton and Karen Archer, founders of Lionheart Events Limited and is one of the most popular off road events in the UK! Me being me, decided to enter the hardest of the four events, The Winter Run, on my own!

I had tried to round up a group but they all pulled out, wusses! Luckily for me, Aggy (one of my hard-core Clubbercise Students) had already entered so I switched days and joined her pack!

Aggy had done the Wolf Run before so I was completely reliant on her – she also had a phobia of heights so we shared common ground! We were in the 10:40am run and we were there early enough to see some of the other runs set off before it was our turn! We were warmed up as a big group and made to hit the floor and get dirty before we even started which I guess was probably a good thing, although it did not prepare you for just how muddy you were going to get!

Aggy and I decided that we were just going to get through the course, no matter how long it would take us and with that In mind, we let all of the crazy people go in front of us, ready to plunge into the freezing cold ditch that awaited us at the start!

When the race started, people plunged in like crazy, our entrance was a little more tentative and I’m glad it was as a guy in front of us was lifted out of the water by marshals with a suspected broken arm! The race was full of crazy obstacles, hay bales, tunnels, freezing cold lakes and streams! I threw myself in (literally) but nothing had prepared me for the sheer amount of muck I was going to get covered in wading through swamps!

It looked and smelled disgusting, I even got stuck at one stage but got dug out by three strapping young men (poor me eh!), lol! The sense of camaraderie was phenomenal, yes there were groups of people that were taking it very seriously but fair play to them if that’s their bag, most people were up for a laugh and it really helped to get you through the entire course!

Aggy and I supported one another throughout, she got me through tunnels, I got her over obstacles and at the end of the race (after doing 70/80 squats?!), a firm friendship was made! It was a real sense of achievement, extremely liberating and although I was covered in bruises and it took a week to get clean properly, I would definitely do it again!!




Mel Carpenter

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