Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

As much as i encourage my friends, family and students to exercise, i also reinforce the importance of not over doing it. My sister came to class last night and complained of a pain in her calf towards the end of the class. I sent her home and told her to apply the RICE principles: Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. Luckily she did as she was told (she’s my big sis too, lol!) and was feeling much better today. I am not a medical professional so if she had not felt any better today, i would have advised her to see the doctor.

Know your limits, if you feel any kind of pain or dizziness whilst exercising, stop and rest. Tell your instructor if you are in an exercise class or gym as they will be able to advise you accordingly, whether that be to get it checked out, to RICE like my sister did.

Exercise is great and is definitely good for you but please be aware that you can have too much of a good thing! Heres a great article about Workout Injuries – Prevention and Treatment:

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